pearlies whitening toothpaste tablets contain clinically proven ingredients that whiten, remineralise and repair enamel with every clean. two ingredients do most of the heavy lifting; 

  • hydroxyapatite - a multi-talented ingredient that delivers a high-gloss whitening shine, strengthens enamel by the restoring of minerals (remineralisation) making your enamel thicker and more resistant to decay which helps fight tooth sensitivity.
  • fluoride - helps to strengthen enamel, making it more resistant to decay and helps reduce sensitivities. 

for best results, brush twice daily and rinse your teeth 15 minutes after brushing (like all toothpaste, pearlies whitening toothpaste tablets need a little bit of time to work on your teeth before rinsing).

make the switch today.

pearlies are made in the uk and are sls-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, plastic-free and vegan.

ingredients list

sorbitol - delivers a fresh tasting flavour.

calcium carbonate - works to provide whitening and stain removal.

yeast - a gluten free and naturally antimicrobial ingredient to inhibit bacteria. 

hydroxyapatite - our multi-talented ingredient, delivers a high-gloss whitening shine, strengthens enamel, remineralises early decay lesions and fights tooth sensitivity (it is also the key mineral that makes up tooth enamel). 

acacia senegal gum extract - this ingredient is made from plants and improves pearlies shelf life. 

cocamidopropyl betaine - an organic compound that aids in foaming to help with removing plaque and also to distribute flavour.

hydrated silica - helps to clean and polish teeth to keep them nice and white.

mentha arvensis leaf oil - contributes to deliver pearlies natural minty flavour.

sodium monofluorophosphate (fluoride) - a very important ingredient that effectively helps prevent tooth decay (1450ppm).

magnesium stearate - helps all of the ingredients bind together when pressing the tablets. 

stevioside - a natural sweetener.

mentha viridis leaf oil - contributes to deliver pearlies natural minty flavour.

mentha piperita oil - contributes to deliver pearlies natural minty flavour.

menthol - contributes to deliver pearlies cool and refreshing mint finish.

limonenecontributes to deliver pearlies flavour.

linalool - fights off bacteria and delivers a minty flavour.