pearlies was founded in 2021 out of a desire to reduce the impact of toothpaste on the planet by offering consumers a better and more attractive alternative. 

the problem: over 300 million plastic toothpaste tubes end up in uk landfill every year and can take more than 500 years to break down.

the solution: pearlies is 100% plastic-free. each pearlies refill purchased saves 2 plastic toothpaste tubes from ending up in uk landfill and our elegant vanity display glass bottle can be refilled again and again.

the formulation: formulated with clinically proven ingredients (fluoride and hydroxyapatite amongst others) that whiten, remineralise and repair enamel (which helps fight tooth sensitivities) with every clean. simply chew, brush and spit.

pearlies is vegan, sls-free, preservative-free and cruelty-free.  

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